Thursday, September 24, 2009

A new Fall look for the mantel!!

I am a summer lover, always have been and always will be. Well this year the weather was awful. It was really depressing for someone whoe suffers from that dumb seasonal depression disorder! I so look forward to the hot days and it not getting dark until 9:00 and most of all SUN!!!! Well that didn't really happen so I am trying to embrace fall this year! I looked around the house and thought things needed a fresh look. I have a mantel that is large and very boring to look at but we just aren't ready to take on that project yet so I have to work with it for now. This is what I put together so far.
I am still trying to find something to balance out the one side but haven't found what I was looking for yet. Well, I take that back... Hobby Lobby has some beautiful fall things but I refuse to pay that much for their stuff. I love that store but unless it's on a good sale they are way over priced. So here are a few more pics from around the house.

As for tonight....... hot apple pie. Maybe I will take a picture if it doesn't get eaten up too quickly. YUM!

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