Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A few fun and easy crafts!

I have been meaning to post pictures of some crafts that I made a little while ago but haven't had the time to. The first one is a Valentine rosette ball that I just love. I have seen these in a few blogs and decided it was time to try them out. They were very easy to make and I was was so happy with how they turned out. All you need to make some of these are some Styrofoam balls, crepe paper and a glue gun. I used two different sized balls. I took a piece of crepe paper and cut it at about 18-24 inches depending on the size of the ball. Then I folded the top half down and just started rolling it up until I got to the end. I put a dab of hot glue to secure it and glued that pretty rosette onto the ball. You will want to smoosh them in and flare the edges out as you glue them on. They were so easy that even my nine year old son was rolling them for me and then I attached them! (They go much faster with a little help)!!The next project took less than a half hour and I made it while sitting in my van waiting for my son! Oh, and another bonus is that it cost less than $4 to make. SCORE!!!
All you need for this one is a Styrofoam circle(dollar store), push pins or safety pins and coffee filters. I went with the brown ones instead of white and just love the antique look.Take a filter and push your fingers in the middle making a cone shape around your hand, do the same thing with another one and stick a pin through the tip of both of them. Then push that into the foam. I did this all the way around the wreath and it came out very full. I used about 75 filters I think. Try it, you will love it!!