Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Making clay name tags for vegetables

Here is a simple project that you can do alone or with your kids to dress up your vegetable garden a little. My son and I took out our left over clay and made up little name tags for the plants. I let him use some cookie cutters or just free hand the shape. Then I used a toothpick to make a hole and spell out the words. Then we baked them and gave them a quick shiny glaze coating and they were almost done. The next part was the hardest! Finding a wire hanger in my house is impossible these days. I took the last remaining two we had and cut them up to make a simple hook and placed them in the ground! It was that easy and he loved to help me out!
Linked up with Hope Studios, Tutorial Tuesday

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Baseball cupcakes

I made these baseball cupcakes for my son's team and they were a big hit! Thanks Jennifer at Hope Studios! She had these on her blog last year and I knew they were perfect for snack time. They really didn't take long at all to make and every once in a while it's nice to be able to make a fun treat for the kids. This time I used the red frosting in the tube from Wilton because I ran out of red coloring paste. Last time I just saved some of the left over white frosting and tinted that. I hope this helps for a good idea if you have to bring snack to your child's baseball game!

Friday, May 14, 2010

A night that went from bad to worse!!

So have you ever had one of those days that just went from bad to worse? I am sure that we all have and when you are in the moment of those days, you are not a happy person! But, after it's all over and you look back at it you can laugh!! Well I had one of those days this week.

My husbands grandmother who speaks very little English was flying home the other day and I was the one who needed to pick her up. After some arranging with a great neighbor to watch my oldest child because he had baseball, the plan was to for me to arrive early with my other two and watch the planes for a little bit. Well anyone who flies knows that things don't always go according to plan. I was checking her flight online and saw that it was ahead of schedule so I left early and got there with plenty of time to spare(or so I thought)! I walked in and looked at the arrival screen to see that her plane had landed early but wasn't at the gate yet. So I asked an employee to make sure that I was in the right area for pickup and she assured me that I was. I took the boys to the window and we watched for her plane to come to the gate. We waited and waited and waited. 15, 20, 25 minutes had passed and no grandmother. The 2 year old was DONE with looking at the planes and I found another employee to double check again. This woman said the same thing and said that sometimes it takes a while for the planes to taxi to the gates and for the people to exit. I explained to her that this woman did not speak English and I NEEDED to get her right when she arrived. Again, she could have cared less about my situation and just said to wait. So we went back to the window, chased the 2 year old many times and tried to keep them occupied. By now I am a stressed out mess because according to the screen her plane had landed 50 minutes ago! So now I tell the boys that we are just going to walk the airport and I spoke to a 3rd person about the situation who said just to walk and look for her!

Now, our airport is small, only two concourses, and it was empty at this time of day. No reason for her to be delayed this long. I decide to head to baggage thinking maybe somehow she walked by us and is waiting down there. Nope, nobody down there. Then my 6 year old yells, there she is mommy! There she was, outside in the FREEZING cold with one of the porters on his cell phone trying to call a ride for her! She was so upset because she couldn't remember any phone numbers to call and really can't communicate that well. Of course she was more upset because she thought that something had happened to me and couldn't figure out where I was! It was awful to say the least. She was shivering and had stood for 1 hour in the cold waiting for me. Now why she was outside, we still don't know. The only thing that I could figure out was that she probably arrived at the same time as me and we passed each other. It all worked out in the end but I still feel sooooooo bad about it.

Now I had missed most of my son's baseball game and was debating to just scrap the idea of going. I was still upset and it was so cold and raining. I decided that since it was his 1st game that I really needed to go. I drove over to the school and tried to find a parking spot. Of course there were none at this point. I drove a little further and decided to park on the side street that I parked on last year. Then as many of you know, I loaded myself up with the chairs, toys, diaper bag, sweatshirts and walked across 2 fields to get to his. I watched the last 15 minutes of his game and was kind of glad to not have to wrestle a 2 year old anymore and go home. (Oh and I forgot the umbrella in the car too)!! So I pack everything back up and realize that I better carry my little guy because it's so late and he was pretty much done for the night. Now since my husband is a coach I still hadn't talked with him at all about what had happened and he couldn't help me carry anything because he has all of his stuff and was parked on the opposite side of the school. So we start walking and Aiden says that he has to go potty. I assure him that we will be home in a few minutes and there is no where to go there. Then I hear my name being called. It's a friend who I haven't seen in a while and our sons just played against each other. We chat for a few minutes and all of a sudden I feel my had that is holding my son on my hip being filled with pee! It went through my coat, all over my shirt, down my jeans and starting filling my left shoe! UGH!! Mind you I am still in full conversation with this woman. I quickly say that I need to get him home and start walking for the car. Trevor, my 8 year old is laughing at what just happened and I start laughing too at this point. What else can you do?? Aiden thinks it's hysterical that he just peed all over his mother and he isn't getting into trouble! Good times people!

Now we make our way back to the car soaking wet from pee and rain to find a nice parking ticket on my truck! Are you kidding me??? I just wanted to go home, shower and curl up on the couch! I was so spent by the time we got home.
After everything was done, I am glad that I could look back and laugh but man, that day was not one that I care to repeat anytime soon!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Fake necktie onesie and holy jeans repair!

Well here is a two in one post. First, I saw this great tutorial a while ago on how to turn a plain onesie into a one of a kind! I have just been waiting for someone to have a little baby boy so that I could try it out. It was so easy and took me only a few minutes to make. I wish I had seen these when I had 3 little boys but they just got to wear the plain white ones instead. The fabric wasn't my first choice but I kind of had to match the orange stitching on the onesie. Plus I had a 2 year old with me that really needed a nap!
Next thing is that anyone who knows those 3 boys knows that we have a serious problem with keeping the left knee of ANY pants from being ripped open. It really only takes a few wears and the knee goes. I have tried so many things and now the oldest doesn't want a patch on his anymore and they look terrible. Even the khaki church pants get worn so quickly and they barely wear them for a long time. Again I saw another smart blogger who has the same issue and they came up with this tutorial. Since I already had the Wonder Under sitting here from the necktie thing it worked out perfectly. It really took me about 5 minutes total and I saved another pair of otherwise brand new looking jeans from the "play" clothes pile. The hole is still there and as we all know that you pay big bucks now for jeans with holes in them already. This way the hole will not get any larger and lose those threads across that make it look better.
Now if someone can help with a fix for wind pants I would be SOOOOOO grateful. My son literally burns/melts the nylon when he slides on the gym floor at school. I have tried catching the rip early and sewing it but it just doesn't hold up. Plus they have that weird mesh lining in them which makes it awkward to sew through.
Well I hope I helped another parent out there today with a good fix for a common problem!!