Monday, May 3, 2010

Fake necktie onesie and holy jeans repair!

Well here is a two in one post. First, I saw this great tutorial a while ago on how to turn a plain onesie into a one of a kind! I have just been waiting for someone to have a little baby boy so that I could try it out. It was so easy and took me only a few minutes to make. I wish I had seen these when I had 3 little boys but they just got to wear the plain white ones instead. The fabric wasn't my first choice but I kind of had to match the orange stitching on the onesie. Plus I had a 2 year old with me that really needed a nap!
Next thing is that anyone who knows those 3 boys knows that we have a serious problem with keeping the left knee of ANY pants from being ripped open. It really only takes a few wears and the knee goes. I have tried so many things and now the oldest doesn't want a patch on his anymore and they look terrible. Even the khaki church pants get worn so quickly and they barely wear them for a long time. Again I saw another smart blogger who has the same issue and they came up with this tutorial. Since I already had the Wonder Under sitting here from the necktie thing it worked out perfectly. It really took me about 5 minutes total and I saved another pair of otherwise brand new looking jeans from the "play" clothes pile. The hole is still there and as we all know that you pay big bucks now for jeans with holes in them already. This way the hole will not get any larger and lose those threads across that make it look better.
Now if someone can help with a fix for wind pants I would be SOOOOOO grateful. My son literally burns/melts the nylon when he slides on the gym floor at school. I have tried catching the rip early and sewing it but it just doesn't hold up. Plus they have that weird mesh lining in them which makes it awkward to sew through.
Well I hope I helped another parent out there today with a good fix for a common problem!!

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