Monday, November 23, 2009

Swine flu and first lost tooth!

I know that is a weird title but that is what is happening in our house lately. I have to say that this flu really kicked our butts around here. I am soooooo not one for jumping at a vaccine but I have to say that this time I wish I could have gotten it. It's hard enough to take care of your kids when they get sick but then when the care giver gets it, forget it!! I was hit so hard by this and I am slowly trying to crawl my way back to health. I just can't get over how much energy it took from me. I am praying for a MUCH better week and looking forward to spending some time with family. Despite feeling so crappy and weak we have a lot to be thankful for and I have to keep that in mind!

Onto a happier note, Evan lost his first tooth. He was so brave and let me pull it right out. Then he asked where he was going to put it? Now to back up a few years, when Trevor lost his first tooth I was on bedrest. I wanted to make him a pillow to put it in because that was what my mom had done for me but I couldn't get to my sewing machine. I am sure I probably could have thrown something together but it wouldn't have looked very good! My step-mother surprised him with one that she made for him. I thought that was very sweet of her and much appreciated. So now for Evan I felt I had to make him his own. I found this cute tooth design somewhere a long time ago and had it in my head. This is what mine came out looking like.

He was very happy to see that the toothfairy had come over night and brought him his own gold coin. Oh and on a sappy mother's note, when I was holding Evan's tiny little tooth in my hand I turned around to see the picture from his 1st birthday party. There he was covered in cake with the biggest smile on his face and there was that little tooth that I was so proud of. Sniff sniff, it goes by WAY too fast!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Sickness in the house :(

So it's been a rough week in our house. The kids have all been sick and cranky. Evan has had the swine flu and I think passed it on to the other two now. I hope they are passed the worst of it but now it's the awful coughing that is sooooooo bad. Poor Trevor was up about 20 times last night coughing, drinking water, roaming the house, crying...... It wasn't a pretty sight. Then to make matters worse poor Karl got stuck at work until 2:00 in the morning. I am a tired momma this morning and really hoping that I don't get a call from the school to come and pick up her sick kid! He was so mad that I kept him home yesterday but I really wanted one more day to get his immune system back up a little before he went back to that gross germy place. The coughing going on in schools is unreal right now.
Well on a lighter note, I have been trying to organize a MUCH needed girls craft night. The sickness with all the families has really put a major dent in those plans but I must keep trying. I am starting to loose my mind being stuck in this house and it's only Novemeber people. This is NOT good!!
I have couple of crafts that I am itching to make and I will post some pictures as soon as I get going on them.
Hope all is well out there in blog land!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

Well we managed to get the trick or treating in despite the WIND and damp weather! Trevor decided to be an Evil Sorcerer this year
Evan wanted to be a Knight and he looked so cute in his costume! I made his shield out of cardboard, then paper mached it(is that word)? so that it got really hard. Then I was worried that he was so dark so I drilled lights all the way around it. It came out pretty cool and hopefully it will last for awhile so that they can play with it.
Aiden was the cutest little lion this year. I love the plush costumes on little guys! I didn't think that he would want to go out and walk this year but he LOVED it!! He kept running to all the houses and some he tried to go right inside! He was the only one to remember every time to say thank you too! I think cute costumes always get more candy too!

Now I have piles of candy everywhere! Aiden keeps sneaking lollipops when we aren't looking and I have eaten way too much chocolate. I have major issues with sweets so if you want some candy, come over and get this out of my house!!!!