Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

Well we managed to get the trick or treating in despite the WIND and damp weather! Trevor decided to be an Evil Sorcerer this year
Evan wanted to be a Knight and he looked so cute in his costume! I made his shield out of cardboard, then paper mached it(is that word)? so that it got really hard. Then I was worried that he was so dark so I drilled lights all the way around it. It came out pretty cool and hopefully it will last for awhile so that they can play with it.
Aiden was the cutest little lion this year. I love the plush costumes on little guys! I didn't think that he would want to go out and walk this year but he LOVED it!! He kept running to all the houses and some he tried to go right inside! He was the only one to remember every time to say thank you too! I think cute costumes always get more candy too!

Now I have piles of candy everywhere! Aiden keeps sneaking lollipops when we aren't looking and I have eaten way too much chocolate. I have major issues with sweets so if you want some candy, come over and get this out of my house!!!!

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  1. I coming!!!
    I'll take some candy and that cute lion :)

    oh, and the other two, too!