Friday, November 13, 2009

Sickness in the house :(

So it's been a rough week in our house. The kids have all been sick and cranky. Evan has had the swine flu and I think passed it on to the other two now. I hope they are passed the worst of it but now it's the awful coughing that is sooooooo bad. Poor Trevor was up about 20 times last night coughing, drinking water, roaming the house, crying...... It wasn't a pretty sight. Then to make matters worse poor Karl got stuck at work until 2:00 in the morning. I am a tired momma this morning and really hoping that I don't get a call from the school to come and pick up her sick kid! He was so mad that I kept him home yesterday but I really wanted one more day to get his immune system back up a little before he went back to that gross germy place. The coughing going on in schools is unreal right now.
Well on a lighter note, I have been trying to organize a MUCH needed girls craft night. The sickness with all the families has really put a major dent in those plans but I must keep trying. I am starting to loose my mind being stuck in this house and it's only Novemeber people. This is NOT good!!
I have couple of crafts that I am itching to make and I will post some pictures as soon as I get going on them.
Hope all is well out there in blog land!

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  1. OH NO! I really feel bad for you all. I am praying it stays far away from us...especially with Cooper's asthma. Let me know when you get your bags all made so I can get a few for Cooper!