Monday, March 2, 2009

Skull and Cross Bones Patch

Well I don't know if you can tell that this is a skull and cross bones design but that is what it was intended to be! My boys blow through the knee of ALL of their pants. I am at the point now of having a large pile of clothes that are considered "play" pants because of this. I tried this patch and my son loved it.
First I found a skull image just using Google and printed it and cut it out. Then I traced the outline over the large hole in the jeans and cut it out. Then I cut up some old camouflage shorts into a square larger than the hole. Placed some strips of fusible web around the edges and ironed it into place from the inside of the jeans. Then I sewed it on all around the design edges. You could use floss here as well and do it by hand too. I used a heavier thread and a small stitch on my machine and just went slow and it has held up well. Now onto the rest of the pile!!!

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