Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hubby's Birthday Celebration

Today was my husband's birthday and it didn't start off the best but ended up a great day. We woke up to realizing that the house was freezing and the furnace wasn't working. Luckily the heating guys came fairly quickly and took care of the problem and got us all toasty again!

I had planned on cooking and having my mother in-law over for dinner but the boys decided they would rather go to her house to eat. So, I cooked over her house and Karl's brother's family came and we had a nice night together. His mother went all out on the decoration's.... Yes I know he isn't 5 but it was cute and the kids liked it!!She made some delicious Greek chicken and lemon soup called Avgolemono. I need to learn how to make this! I watched her so next time I will write it down and let you all know the recipe to try it.
We had 3 desserts to choose from. Well I guess nobody really chose just one but kind of tried a little of each of them. I think we almost set the smoke alarm off with all the candles though! And this is my "little" nephew who I had to ask tonight to shrink a few inches because he is aproaching my height and that just makes me feel really old!!
Well off to hit the couch now and relax!

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  1. sad we missed another get together (and cakes!!) lol
    make sure Karl sees my shout out to him on my blog......