Tuesday, February 24, 2009

"What, I didn't do anything"

So I forgot to blog about this last week so I thought that I would share this story now for a little laugh. My 7 year old, got that he's 7 not 3..... came downstairs about 5 minutes before the bus was coming one morning missing a 2 inch chunk of hair over his eyes. Now that is 2 inches straight up not across! I stood there looking at him wondering what the heck had happened upsairs in the couple of minutes that he had been gone. Did the words go and brush your teeth somehow get confused into give yourself a really bad hair cut??? Now when I asked the child what did you do, he looked right at me and said, what, I didn't do anything???
Hmm, really then where is the hair that was on your head 3 minutes ago?? After a little song and dance on his part he finally said it was bothering me and in my eyes so I decided to cut it off. Now I really wished that I had taken a picture but seeing that I some how had to get over my initail shock and try and fix this before the bus was beeping outside I decided to grab the scissors instead of the camera. Needless to say, I couldn't fix it and he ended up getting a short bang haircut.
Children, I will never figure them out!

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  1. repeat this, " a good bloggrer ALWAYS has a camera in their pocket!!"