Sunday, February 22, 2009

5 year old Pirate Birthday Party!!

my little pirate

Phew! The party that seemed like it would never happen finally came and went! The kids all had a great time and I'm glad that we switched it to this weekend so thatall the kids could come. There were lots of pirate crafts including:

a pirate windsock

an eye patch, sword and mini telescope.

Cannon ball popping, hooking pretzels on their "cup" hand hooks, pin the flag on the treasure chest, tattoos, scull bandanas and a good old treasure hunt to finish things off. The cake was enjoyed also! Here is a picture of the big ship
I was very happy to have my sister in-law and her husband and kids join us all the way from Canada too. It made the day extra special for us! We had a great time, but now the dreaded clean up must begin. Well, maybe it can wait until tomorrow. I think another piece of cake is calling my name........

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