Friday, July 23, 2010

Odd Goodwill piece made over!

I found this odd little shelf at Goodwill a few weeks ago for $3 and carried it all through the store trying to think of somewhere to use it. I figured for that price it just had to come home with me. So I tried it here and there with no luck! It was always too short or too small. I thought it would be great to store books on in my son's room but his picture books are so tall that they wouldn't fit. So, I decided to turn it into a towel holder for our bathroom. Here is the before picture:
After I knocked out the middle shelf and sanded it down I got out some old paint and gave it a new look. The only issue was the paint was a wall color so it's in a satin finish. I might try spraying it with a clear gloss spray paint when I get to the store. For now, I am happy with how it came out and it works great. Here is the after:

I have another project that I am starting today and I can 't wait to get going on it!!! You know when you see a piece of furniture that someone has taken apart and totally redone and you love it? Well, that is what I saw months ago and I finally found one to start on. Hopefully it won't take me weeks to complete it but it's summer with 3 boys at home!! That means getting very little accomplished everyday!

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  1. I Loooove it!!!! Man, I wanna do some projects!