Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July pics

We spent a great day at the cottage that I spent all of my summers at. I have tried explaining it to my kids many times but they didn't really get it until they experienced it for themselves. We got to see a lot of family that we haven't seen in years so that was great. This is my mom's side of the family and since she has passed away I have really lost touch with everyone. My kids had a wonderful time!! Here are a few pics of the day....

This one should be last but I don't feel like moving them around!! Just another beautiful sunset over the lake. Aiden was very hesitant to get in the water because there were quite a few waves! After a while he was more daring and went in a little further.
This is Trevor using a raft that has a built in mask so that you can see what is in the water. They loved watching the fish under them!

Here are Karl and Evan taking the plunge together!
They jumped off again and again for hours!

Oh, here is a birthday picture thrown in! The boys help me celebrate a few days ago!
Another try at getting Aiden to smile for the camera. This one didn't go so well!! :)

I hope that you had a great 4th of July!!!

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