Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Beaded Eggs

Here is a fun little project that you can do with all of those plastic Easter eggs that you have lying around. Make them into pretty beaded eggs!


plastic eggs
sead beads
white glue or tacky glue

Start by gluing the eggs closed so that they won't pop open while you are working on them or come apart once you have finished. The add some glue at one end and pour some beads on there smooshing them into place as you go. They look much better if they land on their sides instead of flat so you don't see the hole. As you can see from my pics, I got lazy at the end and didn't take the time to do this always!! Just work slowly all the way down the egg and then just let them dry. That's it!

I still have a few more to make so that my arrangement looks nice and full but I wanted to take a picture of what I had done so far. If you want another idea for all of those annoying little eggs that you find EVERYWHERE all over the house....... check out this post from last year!

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