Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Egg allergy questions

We just found out that the culprit for my 2 year old's constant eczema and horrible itching is eggs. I was actually having him tested for a Penicillin allergy that the Pediatricin thought he had and when I was there I asked them to test for some foods. Thankfully the Penicillin came back negative which is great but I am VERY annoyed that if I hadn't pushed to have him tested he would have gone his whole life thinking that he was. I am allergic and it's a pain when you need an antibiotic because it really limits what you can have.

Anyway, now I finally know why he scratches himself until he bleeds and constantly says " I'm itchy"! I have tried so many different creams and lotions and could never figure out why the eczema would be good some days and then be all over him the next. The obvious thing to do is to stop feeding him scrambled eggs and homemade french toast which are both a staple in our house. The problem is that box after box of food that I look at all have eggs listed on them. Now the great thing is that he hasn't had a serious reaction so I don't have to panick about everything that he eats but I need to eliminate it as much as possible. So, if anyone has any suggestions out there I would love to hear them!

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