Sunday, June 28, 2009

Time goes so quickly!!

I can't believe how fast the past 2 months have gone. All winter long I pray for the days to hurry up and pass so that spring and summer can arrive. Then it hits and I remember how busy these days can get!! I have definitely found that I work better under pressure. If I don't have some sort of project going on then I get really lazy and let everything slide. Lately I have had a few too many projects though! The boys finished school and then Vacation Bible School started which I am helping in everyday. Our church has a huge program with almost 700 kids! It's great but man is it a lot of work. Especially getting everyone out the door by 8:00 every morning! Like clock work my little guy got sick with that hand foot and mouth virus. No fun! I feel so bad for him because he has those awful sores all over his feet and mouth. Luckily I will have some help with him tomorrow because I don't think the church nursery would appreciate him being there!

I have also been working on refinishing an old desk for the boys to color at. I sanded it down last week and have been trying to paint it in between all of the cotton wood blowing around and the constant rain!! i hope it comes out good in the end. We made a small bench for the kids to sit at and take their shoes on and off. I have been wanted to do that for the past 5 years! It's almost done and I will post some pics of the final outcome.
Also I am thrilled to have some family arriving tomorrow from Virginia. It will be a great 2 weeks with everyone together. That's all for now.....

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