Monday, June 14, 2010

New look for the powder room!

I decided to tear down the wallpaper in our powder room last week because it was driving me nuts. The kids kept picking at a spot and it was growing larger and larger! What a mess!!! That paper did not want to come down and it took me 3 days to completely remove all the sticky glue and paper. I swear we had glue and little bits of paper stuck to all of our feet and throughout the house for days.

This is what the bathroom looked like before:

Now, after(sorry for the bad pictures and colors, there is no natural light):
This room sits at the end of a hall and is always very dark. I need to turn on a hallway light just to show someone where it is! So, I wanted to do a paint color that was pretty light and bright. I found a towel at Target that I liked the colors in so I used that as my starting point. The bright blue color kind of scared me because normally I use the more dark and warm colors in my house. I had an issue with the paint though because when I put it on the walls in that dark space it looked awful. It was way too bright blue and I knew that I couldn't live with it that way. So after I dumped a bunch of white paint with it I came up with a color that I liked. We decided to put up bead board and go pretty high with it. I love that way that it turned out. It looks very clean and bright in there now. I still can't find a nice picture for the walls or something to take up the space so it's not finished yet. I have a knack for starting projects and not finishing them so I need to find something quick! I am also looking for some glass knobs for the cabinet because the old ones just blend right in. Overall I am pleased with how it came out and now will start on painting the hallways which REALLY need some love!

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