Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Just a few Christmas crafts!

I feel like I have been on craft overload lately! I am reading all of your blogs but neglecting my own pretty bad these days. I wanted to show just a few of the projects that I have been working on the past week.

First is the ornament wreath that has taken over blog land!! My version seems to look like a Hanukkah one but it matches my walls so I went with it!!

Next are some hemp cone shaped trees?? Did that make any sense? Well I got the idea here and they were very easy to make. I am giving this set as a gift so I hope she likes them.
I haven't finished making the round balls but I thought I would throw the few that I have done in there! I need to make a few more for after Christmas decorations! Sorry about the dark picture. Our camera broke and it takes about 10 shots to get one decent picture. We are looking for a new one but can't decide what to get. Any suggestions out there?? I would love a recomendation on one. As much as I would love an SLR we just can't afford it right now so I have been looking for a point and shoot with a larger zoom on it. Thanks!!


  1. Love the wreath! Okay, folding...start with a square piece of paper and fold corner to corner. You will have a triangle. Place it in front of you with the point up and the long side facing your body.

    Now, fold in half again, the left corner to the right corner. You will have a smaller triangle. Keep the point toward you and continue folding in half as many times as you like. You will just keep folding left to right until you feel like it's small enough.

    You will then have to cut the end opposite the point (the wider end) into a shape. Either notch it, make it a point, or make it round.

    Now start cutting out your shapes.

    You can do it!

  2. Love the wreath and the balls that you made. :)