Thursday, April 2, 2009

Easy personalized canvas bag

I have been looking for a large canvas bag for my boys that they could cram all of their stuff in when we go places. I wasn't looking to spend $15 for a plain one and I came across a great bargain the other day. You have to love The Christmas Tree Store! I don't go that often but when I do I always come out with some great finds. These were two of mine this week.
The best part is they are huge, good quality and only cost $3.99! I found some coordinating fabric that I thought would look good on them and proceeded to cut out my kids initial. I used Heat and Bond adhesive from Jo-Ann's to stick the fabric to the bag. It didn't take me long to turn them into these
Now there is no way they can get them confused and fight over who's is who. Oh but wait, my kids never do that, they always share all their stuff don't yours????


  1. im so glad im related to you!!!
    not only are you beautiful and smart but CRAFTY!!!!
    kisses to all

    :)the one in the south

  2. Mental note...find Christmas Tree Store!

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  4. I was very happy when one opened up 2 years ago! You would really love it there.